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The Top Candidate: Professional-360®


There’s no one better qualified to speak to your unique brand of leadership than the people you manage, guide, mentor and work alongside every day.

Probably the most important part of being a leader is the way that you interact with the people you work with. Your peers, employees, partners, mentors and colleagues—they all have unique perspectives on your work style, personality, strengths and achievements. The challenge is, how do you capture those voices and share them at the right time, in the right way?

Introducing the Professional-360, a beautifully designed editorial-style magazine all about you, based on in-depth interviews with up to six of your top references. What’s your purpose? Philosophy? How do you overcome challenges? How do you inspire and mentor? The Professional 360 answers all these questions and more from the perspectives of the people who know you best and matter most.


Includes digital + 50 printed magazines