The Top Candidate Playbook Six Week Coaching Program


Together, we’ll work through The Top Candidate Playbook, one-one-one, developing your unique strategy and toolkit to help you land as The Top Candidate for the opportunity you want most. Not sure what opportunity you want most? No problem. Michelle Reeb, CEO of The Top Candidate and author of The Top Candidate Playbook is here to personalize the program for you, helping you set a clear path to where you want to be and helping you get there.

The Top Candidate Playbook is designed as a do-it-yourself workbook that guides you through the process of deciding what you want next, all the way through to getting hired and beyond, step-by-step. Of course, your situation is unique. When you want to talk through your personal experience, next steps and develop a toolkit that is tailored to your goals, Michelle is ready to help.

Sign up for six weeks of 1-hour strategy sessions where we’ll work through each aspect of The Top Candidate Playbook, from deciding what you want to pursuing the opportunity you want, to successful interviewing that helps you rise to the top and obtain the offer for the opportunity you want.

This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

Introductory Questionnaire, Six 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions