The Emerging Expert In You: Raise Up Your Voice, Visibility And Thought Leadership Profile


When you’re ready to rise into a new level of leadership and seeking guidance to reach the next level for you, Kami Guildner, can help you develop a clear leadership profile to elevate you within your industry.

How are you playing small? What is it that you want to be known for? Kami will help you connect to your professional thought leader brand and give you a roadmap for showing up in the world. You’ll leave behind the self-doubts and open up to the wonder of who you are at your best and how you want to matter. She’ll give you real world tips on how to play a bigger game and up-level what you’re putting out into the world as a thought leader, so you are seen, heard and making an impact leading the change you desire.

Sign up for this one-hour strategy session where we’ll take the time to learn more about you, discuss your goals, your experience and the opportunities that excite you, helping you discover who you are at your best.

This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

Introductory Questionnaire, One-hour strategy session, Define what it is you want to be known for in your industry, and walk away with a Message Map tool that you can utilize for developing future top-level messaging for your brand. Identify your thought leader type, so you can choose the right types of marketing approaches to get your word out in the world.