Leading By Influence


Develop a 90-day plan that sets a strong foundation for long-term success. Ellen Kramer, Executive Coach and Team Facilitator, presents you with a roadmap to help you set your course.

Consider the possibility that your greatest strength is what you cause to happen in others. Get a seat at the table, and let’s together tap into your own wisdom to become an influential leader to those around you.

After our initial 1/2 hour call, included in this program is a whole-person assessment, which you will take in advance, and we will review your results in this 90-minute eye-opening step into self-awareness…and an awareness of your impact on other people.

This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

Wiley PXT Assessment Tool, 360 Verbal Assessment and Purpose-Driven Leadership Dashboard that combines Design Thinking and Executive Coaching to get the fulfillment you want out of your career choices.