Discover The Top Candidate

In a crowded field of executive recruiters and corporate headhunters, The Top Candidate offers your organization fresh perspective and fresh thinking.

Recruiting talent is never easy, even when you’re operating at an advantage in an employer’s market. The sheer volume of applicants can be completely overwhelming, and at a time when your ATS has all but lost relevance because literally everyone is exploiting the keyword system, it can often feel near impossible to effectively, efficiently refine your search down to just the truly qualified candidates.

That’s why The Top Candidate goes above and beyond, doing the research, conducting the interviews and engaging candidates in new ways to ensure a perfect match for everyone involved. We get to the truth at the core of every Top Candidate, providing you with a balance of traditional input and truly innovative, game-changing perspective, to result in an unparalleled, uncompromised view into who this person really is, what their experiences have been and what value they potentially offer your company, quantitatively and qualitatively.