Developing Effective Team Dynamics


Lay the foundation for success with this month-long coaching program that develops each team member as individuals and brings you together for collaborative achievement. Ellen Kramer, Executive Coach and Team Facilitator, guides your journey to effective team dynamics.

Coachellen’s approach to team building always begins with the power and influence of the individual. These leaders make choices, based upon their own experiences, that impact and contribute to how the team functions. With individual assessment, selecting behaviors with intent, improving self-awareness and sharing growth arises a sense of “team-awareness” and commitment.

When working with coachellen, teams bond around a common goal, no matter how challenging, learning the true meaning of collaboration and commitment…and encounter their own humanity in the process.

This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

This program is for a leadership team of up to 10 individuals, where team members receive one-on-one and team-based collaborative coaching for one month.