Build Recruiter Rapport: Connecting and Staying in Front of a Recruiter


Not getting a response to your resumes?  Are call backs few and far between? In the age of social media, the rules of engagement have changed. Sue Kunimune is a seasoned recruiter with 20 years experience, ready to help you develop a connection with those key influencers who can help introduce you to the hiring manager.


Sue has watched and adjusted to the somewhat impersonal and ever changing nature of candidate identification and placement. She will help you play by the new rules, engage with decision makers and continue to stay in front of them. Learn how to effectively use online job search tools and ATS mechanisms to your advantage. Sue will discuss what her colleagues look for, what turns them off and most importantly ensure that you stay “top of mind”  so that hiring professionals remember you for future opportunities.

What challenges are you facing? Unsure of how to frame your experience and highlight your strengths? Sue will help you build your confidence as you develop your script to overcome obstacles and offer up solutions for how you can add unique value to the team. Own your “winning” phraseology with tips from a recruiter who knows what message is most effective. 

Sign up for this one-hour coaching session accompanied by a one-page guide to the talking point tips that will help you establish those crucial relationships that set you on the right path from the start.


This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

Sixty-minute strategy and messaging session, one-page guide.