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“Analytics is knowledge is power.”

– Francis Bacon

Set A Clear Target

You’ve made the decision to actively pursue new opportunities. Now what?

We understand. You want to land a job an amazing job as quickly as possible. It’s got to be the right opportunity with the right level of challenge, that’s fun and interesting, for a company that you are proud to work for and on a team full of people you respect and enjoy. Your compensation must be fair and competitive and the benefits must meet your needs and those of the people in your care. And you want to be supported in all of the things you need from your work to support your best life beyond the office. But where should you begin?

Most new job seekers jump online and go to a job board like Indeed to start looking for opportunities. They take out an old resume, dust it off bit to include a few updates and start to apply. For some, this may work, but we’ve had a great number of candidates come to us after applying to hundreds of jobs in this way who say, “This isn’t working. Can you help me?”. Yes we can and here, we’re sharing the tips we’ve shared with so many which has helped them land in a role that they’re thrilled with.

The key to our success has been in helping candidates position themselves as the top candidate for the opportunities they want most and that all begins with the candidate setting a clear vision for the role they want.

For you, we highly encourage you to read pages 1 – 31 in The Top Candidate Playbook and complete the exercises on the pages throughout. As you move through the pages, you’re guided on a little journey that helps you think about what you’ve accomplished, where you want to go next, where you see yourself in your career down the road and why this is all important to you. As you progress, you’ll hone in on exactly what you want, including the companies you’d like to work for and the types of opportunities you will pursue.

We’ve attached a worksheet in our Lesson Files, called Set Your Target, which we encourage you to fill out, to solidify for yourself exactly what you want. Our course audio recording guides you through each of these steps, with real-world examples of what has been known to work and why.


Course Curriculum

Step 1: View our course video
Step 2: Begin by reviewing your notes from pages 1 – 26 in The Top Candidate Playbook
Step 3: Then read pages 27 – 31 in The Top Candidate Playbook and complete the exercises within
Step 4: Download and complete the Set Your Target Worksheet (attached below)
Step 5: 
If you need help completing  this assignment, view options below under Personalized Support
Step 6:  Keep your notes on one place by going to My Coaching File > Coaching Journal > Job Search | Course Notes 


Personalized Support

private LinkedIn group: join in and connect with other online coaching program participants to share thoughts, ideas and opportunities
resume reviews: connect with Nicki Massman and request your free resume review
graphic design services: request a quote to turn your traditional resume into an infographic or custom designed resume
career coaches: view a list of career coaches recommended by your peers, each with their own unique specialty services
where to look for opportunities: view our list of job boards, places to network, associations to join, executive search firms and more
for students & young professionals: take a look at the resources we’ve prepared just for you
for future entrepreneurs: start here when you’re thinking of freelancing, consulting or starting your own business


Additional Resources


  • The Top Candidate Playbook, Michelle Reeb
  • Start With Why, Simon Sinek
  • Living Forward, Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy
  • Get Clarity, Cathy Hawk & Gary Hawk
  • Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  • Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
  • Life & Work, Ray Dalio
  • Reinvention Roadmap, Liz Ryan
  • The UnAmerican Dream, Carlos Hidalgo
  • On Fire at Work, Eric Chester
  • Firedancer, Kami Guildner
  • Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

Articles / Websites


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Download Our Set Your Target Worksheet

Course Completion Checklist

  • I have set a clear target with both the companies that I am interested in and the job titles I will pursue
  • I am now ready to write or update my resume and talk to people with clarity about what I want when I’m networking