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“An ounce of gold cannot buy a minute of time.”

– Ed Mee

The Top Candidate Playbook Resources

To complement the guidance shared within The Top Candidate Playbook, these resources offer access to personalized care to meet your unique needs.

The Top Candidate Playbook Resources provides you with the additional support you need to achieve your specific goals. Gain access to tips, templates and personalized care designed just for you.

If you haven’t already purchased The Top Candidate Playbook, now may be an excellent time to invest in yourself to help you set your plan and take the right steps to get where you want to be.

Retrieve Downloadable Templates

The Top Candidate Resume, Cover Letter, Tracking Your Time Spreadsheet and more.

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Access One-On-One Coaching

Explore personalized coaching programs and talk with a career coach to help you attain your goals.

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Find Opportunities Here

We’re often asked where to look for opportunities. We’ve developed this list, just for you.

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For Students

Tips, Tools and Templates designed in collaboration with career coaches and the recruiting teams of companies large and small.

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The Recruiter Lifecycle

Listen to our podcast as Joshua Chen, Senior Recruiter at NBC Universal, takes us through a journey of the hiring process every step of the way.


For C-Suite Executives

Our Concierge services include the personal branding, coaching and introductions you seek to land your next exciting career adventure.

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Thank you so much! It has been a fun journey and I'm so happy where I landed.

Kelly N.

I love the way the resume template is laid out.

Erin D.

Wow! I'm so impressed by the thoroughness of this.

Shannon T.