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“We are all CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.”

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

Your personal brand communicates professional value.

In the business of searching for your next leadership role, it’s your personal brand that will set you apart from the competition.

Working as a leader in top organizations has taught you the value of building a brand for business. But have you defined an equally powerful brand for yourself? It’s a deceptively complicated challenge—one made exponentially harder when limited to the lens of ‘you’ describing ‘you’. That’s why we’re here.

The Top Candidate has put together a carefully curated approach to optimally position you for success in today’s highly competitive job market. We cover your experience from every possible angle and expand the perspective to include the objective voices of all your top references. Then we write and design a beautiful personal marketing package worthy of the best brands in the world.

Request A Personal Brand Plan

Let us take ownership of building your personal brand from the ground up.

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Examples Of What We Can Do – Remember, We Can Do Just About Anything!

Resume Creation

Let us take ownership of crafting your resume to be most effective in helping you land the opportunity you want.

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Maximizing LinkedIn

We will update your LinkedIn Profile and provide you with a written guide full of tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Profile.

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Executive Search Presentation Package

Executive Search is its own unique animal. Having the right tools and plan in place can make all the difference  from knowing what you want and achieving it. Let us be your guide.

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The Top Candidate: Professional-360®

There’s no one better qualified to speak to your unique brand of leadership than the people you manage, guide, mentor and work alongside every day.

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Developing You As A Thought Leader

Blogs. White Papers. Social Media. Books. We can help you share your unique message with the world.

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You have fantastic thoughts on how to put yourself forward and it has helped me completely rethink the way I am approaching the game.

Bob Y.

My job search is over! I accepted a position. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice, I really appreciate all your positive energy.

Tamara H.

Thank you for being gracious and honest. If more recruiters were like you, there would be better hires which would lead to stronger companies and smarter business.

Jane S.