“All coaching is, is taking a player where they can’t take themself.”

– Bill McCartney

Our coaching program refines and amplifies the real you.

In today’s competitive job market, preparation represents the difference between getting the job offer of your dreams and coming in a close second.

We work with smart, driven professionals who are ready for their next great challenge and exciting opportunity. They’re know they’re ready for a change, but there’s often something that is standing in their way from achieving their goal and they’re not quite sure what it is.

Our Becoming The Top Candidate online coaching program guides you through each essential step in the hiring process, from discovering what you really want next to getting to interview to obtaining a competitive offer.


  • Step 1. Deciding To Make A Change
  • Step 2. Set A Clear Course
  • Step 3. Resume
  • Step 4. Cover Letters
  • Step 5. Maximizing LinkedIn
  • Step 6. Interview Preparation
  • Bonus: Networking
  • Bonus: Developing Your Personal Brand Strategy

Downloadable Tools:

  • Unleashing  Your Highest Potential Worksheet
  • Set Your Target Worksheet
  • Resume Review | Self-Audit Checklist
  • Resume Template
  • Elements Of A Winning Resume
  • Cover Letter Template
  • LinkedIn Profile | Self-Audit Checklist
  • Interview Companion | 21-Page Research And Self-Assessment Booklet
  • Effective Relationship Building & Networking Event Participant Checklist

An added benefit to this program is that it goes beyond just giving you the tools and information to support your search. You can also manage your search on this site with a calendar, personal coaching file that includes a coaching journal with a place to record your vision and goals for your career, along with a place to store your important documents. That’s why we give you access for a full year.

And when you want more personalized care, you can submit questions and connect with career coaches, recruiters and personal branding experts who can help you with everything you’d want to meet your unique needs.

From students to recent graduates to C-Suite executives, this is the best place to start your search.

Online Coaching Program

Full-year of access to this online coaching program with step-by-step goal tracking including instructional videos, worksheets, interview companion and so much more!

$99 | 1-Year Of Access | Becoming The Top Candidate Online Course

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Course Textbook (sold separately)

To make the most of your online coaching experience, we encourage  you to order a  copy of The Top Candidate Playbook, which we consider our course textbook and your perfect coaching program companion.

$29.95 |  Book Available For Purchase On Amazon.com

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Your Interview Companion has been awesome! Very usable. (used in prep for 4 interviews in 2 days after less than a week of starting this program)


Wonderful resources!


Your team is simply full of the most positive people I have run across in a while... it's refreshing!


Thank you for being so gracious, encouraging and generous!


If you're looking to boost your job search and stand out as a candidate, I highly recommend this program.

- C.M.