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Do-It-Yourself-Guide and A Great Place To Start

The Top Candidate Playbook


Our Playbook provides any Top Candidate with a proven, step-by-step process to landing the opportunity they want most.

When you set out on your search, you’re likely to get all kinds of advice. One of the most common misconceptions we’ve seen is the idea of the resume blast, shooting your application to literally hundreds of potential employers in the hope that a small percentage of those will turn into interviews, of which an even smaller percentage of those might turn into actual offers. In our experience, this is time-consuming, inefficient and highly unlikely to net you the results you’re seeking.

Rather than approaching the job-seeking process with a “numbers game” mentality, The Top Candidate Playbook walks you through the process of optimally positioning yourself for success through a highly targeted, acutely focused approach. This workbook-style eBook takes you step-by-step through the entire process, from in-depth self-evaluation to detailed guidance regarding resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interviews, salary negotiations and more. Actionable, relevant and insightful, this Playbook is a proven game-changer and available exclusively through The Top Candidate. Get yours today.

"this book was very effective simplifying it and helped me land the perfect job for me!"

Kelly N.

"using the worksheets and resources in this playbook will help you be SMART about your job search, maximizing your strengths, and help you find the job you will be most happy with."

Marilee Y.

"fantastic playbook to help individuals such as my self that were stuck in order to help them create goals, find their true passion and grow in there career."

Yehuda A.