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Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Mock Interview – For Students


Let Brooke Lloyd, experienced College Career Counselor and Development Coach, help you write your resume, develop your LinkedIn Profile and successfully move toward an offer by practicing a Mock Interview.

Utilizing our resume template for students and guidance from The Top Candidate Playbook, Brooke shares her expertise in guiding students on how to identify your strengths and align them with an employers’ needs in order to help you become The Top Candidate for the internship or your first full-time position upon graduation.

Sign up for this three-part coaching series that includes Brooke helping you to write your resume, maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Profile and practice interviews through a Mock Interview coaching session.

This Program, Exclusive To The Top Candidate, Includes:

Introductory Questionnaire, The Top Candidate Playbook, Three thirty-minute strategy sessions, Resume Creation, LinkedIn Profile Recommendations and 30-minute Mock Interview Coaching Session