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Before anything, preparation is the key to success.

– Alexander Graham Bell

Becoming The Top Candidate

Whether you’re a young professional just starting your career or a seasoned professional pursuing a job search for the first time in decades, you will benefit from knowing what you can do to set yourself apart from your competition to rise up and become the top candidate who is hired.

We’ve talked to hundreds of professionals, recruiters and hiring managers to discover the most effective techniques throughout every stage of the hiring process from networking to applying for jobs to interviewing and obtaining an offer. We’re sharing the best of what we know to work to help as many people as possible achieve the career advancement you’ve been dreaming of.

This self-guided online course is full of free content and resources, all designed to complement The Top Candidate Playbook. Each section goes hand in hand in helping you get where you want to be next.

The Top Candidate Playbook

Obtaining a great offer for the right opportunity is a journey that begins with your dream in mind.

When To Change

Are you trying to decide whether you should stay in your current situation or make a change?

Learn why many employees are feeling the same way you may be feeling and what you can do to improve your situation without leaving your current organization. We also know that many of you are also leading high performance teams and hope that you will benefit from the insights shared to help you retain your top performers.

Tools To Help You Decide When To Make A Change

Set Your Course

You’ve made the decision to actively pursue new opportunities. Now what?

Launching a job search is often both scary and thrilling! You’re about to embark on a journey into the unknown and the thought of it can be overwhelming. In this lesson we demystify the process to help alleviate your concerns and guide you toward focusing on the actions that will maximize your time and help you position yourself as the top candidate who is hired for an opportunity that excites you!

Tools To Help You Set A Clear Target


Would you like to know how to create a resume that gets you to interview and helps you obtain an offer?

There are often two primary challenges that professionals face when writing their resume: One, they don’t know how to make theirs stand apart from the crowd of applicants. And two, they find it really hard to write about themselves. In this lesson, we will help you craft a resume that tells the most compelling story of the value you bring to the team you’d like to join.

Resume Tips

Cover Letter

Are you aware that most recruiters never look at your cover letter? We’ll tell you who does read your cover letter and how it can help you get an interview.

Who is reading your cover? When do they look at them? What are they looking for? Should you update your cover letter for each opportunity you apply for? In this lesson, we’ll talk through your most frequently asked questions and  share insights from recruiters and hiring managers to help you write a cover letter that helps you receive an invitation for an interview and may even help you obtain an offer.

Cover Letter Tips

LinkedIn Profile

Do you know how to maximize LinkedIn to attract opportunities and help you advance through interviews?

Maximizing LinkedIn begins with your profile, followed by connecting with amazing people and nurturing those relationships to help you attract opportunities and build rapport with each member of the hiring team from networking to interviews.

LinkedIn Profile Tips


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that guided you through a series of high impact interviews that lead to a competitive offer?

We’ve just developed exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our newly created Interviewing Guide is the perfect companion to help you prepare for your most impactful interviews. Our goal is to help you obtain offers for opportunities that you are really excited about.

Interview Tips

For Students

Are you aware that recruiters for internships and the hiring of recent graduates would like you to format your resume to feature your graduation date on top?

This is just one of the tips we’ve learned and are sharing through resources designed exclusively to help students and recent graduates get hired for the opportunities that will lay a strong foundation for a bright career ahead.

View Our Resources For Students & Recent Graduates

I feel like you’re my career therapist. I just got another phone interview request. I guess when it rains, it pours!

Laura N.

You have been a fantastic sounding board throughout this entire process and your connections and expert advice have been invaluable.

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Thank you so much for all the information and the help you have provided! Going to your coaching event was beyond helpful!

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