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“Analytics is knowledge is power.”

– Francis Bacon

Write Your Most Compelling Cover Letter

Are you aware that most recruiters never look at your cover letter? We’ll tell you who does read your cover letter and how it can help you get an interview.

Does that surprise you to learn that most recruiters never look at your cover letter? It surprised us too until we spoke with recruiters about their process for evaluating applications. And when recruiters typically spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume, it’s easier to understand that if they don’t have time to look at your resume, they couldn’t possibly have time to read your cover letter.

Let’s look at this a little differently. If your resume doesn’t have the experience the recruiter is looking for, they will rule you out as a viable candidate, so they feel it would be a waste of their time to look at your cover letter. This is of critical importance for you to know because many applicants think that they will simply explain their experience, or lack thereof, in their cover letter. If you don’t have the right experience, you must find other ways to convey your value because your cover letter isn’t the most effective way to get your message across if it won’t be read. In our audio course, we’ll share some examples of alternative ways you can share the message that you want make sure is heard.

So, when does a recruiter look at your cover letter? When you are one of the candidates with the right experience, a recruiter might then look at your resume, hoping to get a sense of why you are interested in pursuing this opportunity at this specific organization.

At the very least, a recruiter keeps your cover letter with your file, so that when you do get to an interview and the hiring manager reviews your file, they will see your cover letter. What you’ve written here can help set you apart from other candidates, and when you can demonstrate a strong connection and genuine interest in the type of work you would be doing and the organization you’d be working for, you may even rise above other candidates who have more experience. This is what makes your cover letter so valuable.

In our audio course, we’ll discuss what you’ll want to include in your cover letter. You may want to download our Cover Letter Template, which is what we’ll be using during our discussion.

When this lesson is complete, you should have a cover letter that you are proud of. We know they can be difficult to write and we’re here for you to help you along the way.


Course Curriculum

Step 1: View our course video
Step 2: Begin by reading pages 58 – 61 in The Top Candidate Playbook and completing the exercises within
Step 3: Download the Cover Letter Template (attached below)
Step 4: Customize your cover letter and submit with each application (when you can)
Step 5: If you need help completing  this assignment, view options below under Personalized Support
Step 6: Keep your notes on one place by going to My Coaching File > Coaching Journal > Job Search | Course Notes


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Download Our Cover Letter Template

Course Completion Checklist

  • I have written a cover letter that I am proud of, which tells the story of my value and enthusiasm for the opportunity I am applying for