“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

– James Cash Penney

We can make great things happen by working together.

Whether you’re looking to hire your next corporate rock star or seeking ways to soften the impact of an unavoidable layoff, The Top Candidate can help.

The Top Candidate is here to help you find the right person for the job, and we’re also the right choice for helping your high-level employees land on their feet. That’s because The Top Candidate is all about effective placement. In other words, we understand that both sides of the coin—employer and employee—must represent equally powerful matches for any professional relationship to work.

Our philosophy is based on a foundation of a life well lived, which is why we take it as our personal mission to find a sustainable, long-term solution where they can thrive. We do that through a combination of our Personal Branding system, Professional Coaching ecosystem, and with our passion for matching the right qualified candidate to their ideal environment. We’re not happy until everyone involved is confident that it’s the right fit.

We support businesses in two ways:

  1. Attracting Top Talent
  2. Compassionate Care Through Layoffs

It’s no secret that the people of an organization drives its success. In the same way that hiring the right person for your team at the right time is critical to success your success, it is equally important to care for employees upon departure. We believe that the entire process of attracting, retaining and respectfully letting go of top talent deserves special care and we’re here with unique programs to meet the needs of your people.

Amazing Places To Work

Tell us what you think. What makes a company an Amazing Place To Work? Is there an Amazing Place To Work  that we should know about? We’re all ears.

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Essential Support Through Layoffs

Let us uplift your team members at a time when their spirit may be broken due to a Layoff that was out of their control.  Our Jumpstart Program Workshop and annual membership into The Top Candidate Coaching Club provides the foundational support they need to land on their feet.

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Separation Packages

We provide exceptional care to professionals as they transition out of your organization. Programs range from our playbook to executive placement. Ready to provide the best care to your fallen team member?

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You have this amazing kindness that makes everyone in the room feel comfortable.

Jon V.

Your team is simply full of the most positive people I have run across in a while... it's refreshing to talk to you.

Bill D.

Thank you for being so gracious, encouraging and generous!

Ben B.