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Let your successful career journey begin here.

If you’re like most Americans, you spend the majority of your waking hours in the office, or around 90,000 hours working over the course of your lifetime. Yet according to a recent Gallup Poll, most people are actually unhappy at work and feel actively disengaged and unappreciated in their current positions.

The Top Candidate is on a mission to transform this paradigm. We believe that it’s possible to love what you do, and to have it sustainably act as a positive influence on who you are and how you feel.

Our singular purpose is to position you for professional success and satisfaction; to empower you with the resources that lead you to obtaining the finances, freedom and fulfillment to live your best life, both at work and beyond the office.

The Top Candidate is the best place to launch your search, whether you are planning for a career move now or well into the future.

Why? Our online coaching program guides you, step-by-step through a process proven to help you rise to the top and receive a competitive offer for a great opportunity.

Most candidates will find everything they need for a successful search within the contents of this online program. When you want personalized support, we lead you to experts who are masters of their craft in resume writing, personal branding, the art of negotiation and more. And the work you’ve completed within our online coaching program will help you make your interactions with these experts even more meaningful and productive.

The Top Candidate Playbook

Reaching your full professional potential starts by knowing what you want. Discover opportunities that are your ideal fit as you’re guided through a process that helps you navigate your search from application to interview to your first 90-days on the job.

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Becoming The Top Candidate

Our Becoming The Top Candidate course is now available online for your convenient access anytime, anywhere. Achieve a competitive offer for an opportunity you’re excited about through video instruction and course materials that guide your successful search.

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Sharing Your Story

When you’d like a little help telling your story, we’re here for you. We understand exactly how to uncover your true strengths and unique value, helping you communicate a compelling message that sets you apart and helps you rise up to become The Top Candidate.

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You have fantastic thoughts on how to put yourself forward and it has helped me completely rethink the way I am approaching the game.

Bob Y.

Thank you for being gracious and honest. If more recruiters were like you, there would be better hires which would lead to stronger companies and smarter business.

Jane S.

I feel like you’re my career therapist. I just got another phone interview request. I guess when it rains, it pours!

Laura N.

You have this amazing kindness that makes everyone in the room feel comfortable.

Jon V.